Décapage du littoral
We strip anything painted or varnished, even radiators ... (for professionals & individuals)
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Décapage du littoral

Décapage du Littoral is a company specialized in the removal of any object painted or varnished. You want to refurbish an old dresser, old doors, radiators, blinds, Décapage du Littoral has a specific technique without any mechanical cleaning or sanding. Two methods are operational following the given object.

It will, or, in three specialized bath cleaner, does no problem with it, or brushed with watered-rinsing. But it is as new, ready to be varnished, stained, painted or otherwise.

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The quality

A complete stripping in every corner. All objects found pickled their original appearance. For example, a cabinet may be painted after we waxed pickling, metal shutters can be treated as new...


All of your shutters, doors (wood or metal, painted or varnished) can be pickled in the day by appointment. Give us a call.


Strippers textbooks are very expensive and not always effective. At Décapage du Littoral prices are established in advance and surprise san ... and what time saving.